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About the Jessica Prouty Band

In the Studio...

  • New CD being launched late fall 2013/winter 2014. Produced by Brian Maes and Mixed by three-time grammy winner Bob St. John.
  • Single, Set Me Free, released March 25, 2013.
  • My Way was released in June 2011.
  • The five track CD, Time to Escape, was released in June 2010.
  • The full-length CD, Saving My Sanity, was released on July 18th, 2008.

The Players...

  • Jessica Prouty, lead vocalist and bassist. (Now at Berklee College of Music.)
  • Cam Pelkey, drums.
  • Jon Suh, guitarist. (Now at Berklee College of Music.)
  • Jansen Manning,  guitarist. (Now at Berklee College of Music.)

Take four very different musicians:

  • Jessica, WOW Player, a Northerner who likes Southern Rock
  • Cam, hardcore music lover with plugs in his ears
  • Jon, rockstar from Ohio, met at NAMM
  • Jansen, blues his specialty, moved here from Indiana to go to Berklee


The Experience behind the band...

All the Jessica Prouty Band's CDs were produced by Brian Maes, owner of Briola records. He is a former member of the Billboard charting RTZ and songwriter of the top 20 Billboard hit, When Your Love Comes Back Around. He opened for Aerosmith and for U2, and he toured around the world with Peter Wolf: he knows the music biz. He currently has his own band and also is the lead singer and keyboardist for Ernie and the Automatics.

Formation Date: February 28, 2007
Band Members: Jessica Prouty, Cam Pelkey, Jon Suh, Jansen Manning
Sounds Like: Modern Hard Rock that tells stories....  Discover us and help write the story.
Hometown: Boston, MA


Brief Description:

The Jessica Prouty Band, female-fronted, rock band, has won the John Lennon Educational Tourbus Daddy's Junky Music Rockin' Roland Battle of the Bands, won first place in Children's Hospital Boston Notes for the Cure Battle for Best Song, been in the top 10 of Little Stevens Underground Garage Battle of the Female-fronted bands, second in NAMM-sponsored nationwide SchoolJamUSA contest in CA at Downtown Disney where Jessica also received best vocalist, Cam best drummer, and Jon best guitarist. First in the RJL Memorial Battle of the Bands. First in the WXIN Rhode Island 2014 Rock Hunt. Three now attend Berklee. Their original songs have been played on Boston's 92.5 The River, WFNX, WAAF, WATD, Pixy 103, plus WBRU (RI) and WTOS, 106.3 The Bone (both Maine), 106.3 Frank FM, 104.9 The Hawk, WHEB (all NH), WHJY (RI). They've played clubs like Wally's (NH), Mardi Gras (RI), Nectar's and Higher Ground (VT), as well as the Lowell Auditorium for the New England Music Awards, amusement parks, the Maine Lobster Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, state parks, camps, and numerous VT, ME and MA fairs.



”...very original and musical, well executed, really good vocals – best of the night, great songs, good harmonies, very tight, great drummer – very animated, great band – going places.”
Judges from SchoolJam USA in January 2011 including Kevin Lyman, founder of the Vans Warped Tour, Stan Freese, talent and booking director with Disney, Steve Dobo, director of sponsorships & promotion, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and Menzie Pittman, Board of Directors, NAMM.

You are listening to the Cheap Seats on Cool 102 with the Jessica Prouty Band, Set Me Free, that is actually a brand spanking new song from the JPB. Had the pleasure of seeing them perform last night at the NE Music Awards and everybody at the table was going "Wow."

...They are young talented individuals, and I've had the pleasure of seeing Jessica perform a few times now. And it's one thing to own the stage when you get up on stage to perform, it is another thing to own the stage,  the audience and every molecule of oxygen in a venue once you start performing, and Jessica commands that when she gets onstage. She is one of the best performers...

So if you would like some of that, you know, heart-pumping, chest thumping music, I highly recommend that you look up the Jessica Prouty Band online. Set Me Free is also available on their website as well.

Cat Wilson from the Cheap Seats, COOL 102. mp3 here...

Next up was the Jessica Prouty Band performing her song “Set Me Free.” Prouty’s keyboardist, Andy Covino, and lead guitarists, Aaron Shuman and Cody Nilsen, played out wild phrases to intro the anthem-like song. Prouty then displayed her arena size  vocal over a wedge of compelling, gripping, driving music. Prouty is studying at Berklee College Of Music, and she is still young enough to get signed to a modern rock record label. The right person at the right time will surely notice her stage presence, songwriting, and that voice made for stadiums.  -- By Bill Copeland

(JPB Note: The band writes the songs together.)


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