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Rock the Block Festival and MudRun Concert Tickets

Get your Tickets! CD release in Massachusetts and Maine! Special CD release packages!





CD Release Rock Festival Tickets
Massachusetts Northern Maine

Rock the Block Jessica Prouty Band Tickets
Northern Maine Rock & Metal Fest Mudrun Concerts Jessica Prouty Band Tickets


Choose your option of CD with admission or just admission. All tickets and CDs to be picked up at the event. BUY NOW THROUGH PAYPAL! If you choose the CD as well, you get a FREE Dog Tag, while supplies last. 

This event is rain or shine.

CD Option


Choose your options including number of day tickets or with or without a Set Me Free CD. If you buy the CD, you get a FREE Dog Tag, while supplies last. All tickets and CDS to be picked up AT the event.  BUY NOW THROUGH PAYPAL! This event is rain or shine.

Days and CD Options


More Information:

Rock the Block Facebook Event

More Information:

Mudrun Concerts Event Schedule

Northern Maine Rock & Metal Festival Facebook Event



Check out the New Guitarists - LIVE

Check out the new guitarists, Jon Suh and Jansen Manning. Catch them this summer with Cam Pelkey (drums) and Jessica Prouty (vocals and bass).


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