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Please Be OK Lyrics

Please Be OK

05 Please Be OK by JessicaProutyBand


Everytime I’ve fallen
You’ve been there to pick me up
Every time I’ve cried
You’ve been there to wipe the tears away
Every time I’m scared
You’ve been there to whisper “it’s ok, honey”
I wish it was ok, right now.

Everytime you’ve fallen
I’ve tried my hardest to pick you back up
Everytime you’ve been sad
I’ve tried to comfort you the best I can
Every time you’re worried
I try to whisper “it’s okay, honey”
But you slowly turn away

Please, please be ok for me
Please show me that you can pull through
I’m here, for you
I’m trying to make you happy
Please, please be ok for me
Show me that you can be
The man I live for
The one that makes me smile everyday
Always know that I love you.

Everytime we’ve fallen
We’ve had the strength to arise together
Everytime there’s been trouble,
We’ve known just what to do to make it go away
Every time we’re together
We feel so alive, we feel so alive
But this time, you’ve slowly turned away


Words and music by Jessica Prouty

Please Be OK Lyrics