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Jessica Prouty Band wins 2014 90.7 WXIN Rock Hunt

Jessica Prouty Band 2014 WXIN Rock Hunt Winners

Early Reviews of the Unreleased Album, Set Me Free

Set Me Free the Album is coming late fall/winter. If you are a radio station or reviewer, etc. and would like an advanced copy, email

CD Release parties being planned now.


Read an early review!

Sonic Cathedreal Jessica Prouty Band Review


It doesn’t matter that the Jessica Prouty Band plays rock instead of metal. Sonic Cathedral’s tagline may be “Where the women of metal rock!”, but the women of rock music can rock just as well. Set Me Free is a fantastic example of that. It thrives with a guitar soul, killer drumming, a frontwoman with an electrifying presence, and the perfect blend of musical maturity and pop sensibility. On top of all that, it’s got insanely good songs, some of which sound even better with the volume turned up high. If one band has the talent to reaffirm my faith (and maybe yours, too) in good mainstream rock music, it would the Jessica Prouty Band. That’s why I urge anyone who likes what they’ve read here to check out Set Me Free as soon as it’s released.

9 / 10

Sara Letourneau

To read the whole thing, visit Sonic Cathedreal.


New Review with a Preview of the Album!

Give it to us loud and hard.  Make it sound classic but, with hooks and power. Stir in some metal and blues.  Belt out the songs with a siren edge steeped in the tones of Ann Wilson, Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry.  Lay down a deep guttural bottom, sear it with vicious lead guitar and lethal rhythm.  Show us your raw energy, rough and tumble side and you have Set Me Free by The Jessica Prouty Band...

Read it all at the Ripple Effect.

The Next Great Generation

Great article about the Jessica Prouty Band in The Next Great Generation blog on!

The Next Great Generation


All Grown Up

The Limelight Magazine article on the Jessica Prouty Band actually came out on Jessica's birthday. So she was interviewed while 18 but printed at 19! Click the link to read more.


Limelight Magazine Article on the Jessica Prouty Band: All Grown Up

RJL Battle Winner & Boston

Jessica Prouty Band in Boston Saturday Originally Published on Tuesday, September 04, 2012 BOSTON — The Jessica Prouty Band of Marblehead performs at Church Boston on Saturday, six weeks after winning the RJL Memorial Fund Battle of the Bands at the Barnstable County Fair.

Metronome Article on Time to Escape

May 2011 Metronome Cover

Click the pic to read the article by Brian Owens.

Seacoast Hippo Covers the Jessica Prouty Band

WFNX has been playing Lights on

Boston Accents!

Seacoast Hippo (page 19) and Big Heavy World

cover the Jessica Prouty Band!

And Falling gets played on WTOS!

 Jessica Prouty Band Seacoast Hippo Cover Big Heavy World Jessica Prouty Band photo on the couch WTOS Logo

All 4 members get scholarships to Berklee

Berklee Logo


The Jessica Prouty Band, playing straight up rock 'n' roll, was the only group in which every member won a Berklee scholarship, and they capitalized by attending the Stage Performance Workshop together from June 29–July 1. Read more here.



Female-fronted foursome from New England is impressive… The band has played lots of gigs and the result is a polished presentation. The gushing, teen-spririted "We're Havin' A Great Time" shows bassist Prouty's voice to be strong and appealing, delivering the song's innocent message with ample enthusiasm. She displays convincing emotion on the ballad "She's No Cinderella." Musicianship never lags, including inspired guitar solos. This teen band is a cut above its peers.


Music Connection Magazine, February 2009

Hometown Paper

Hard Rock Haven

Prouty’s vocals are such a treasure that for them to go unheralded would be tragic. Her young voice has the dynamic ability to flow effortlessly from sultry crooning to sassy attitude to spitfire venom. She is one of those rare female singers that can do badass rocker chick and yet could probably perform perfectly as a pop princess if that was her preference. Lucky for us, she chose to go the rock ‘n’ roll route...with her out in front, they are an indie modern rock band that will not remain indie much longer.

by Mark Allen, Senior Columnist

Set Me Free Single Track Press




Jessica Prouty Band Front Row Report Set Me Free Review

by Reggie Edwards

Jessica Prouty Band are set to release their latest single, “Set Me Free,” a song that will most likely hit home for many people and that will be an instant fan favorite.

Set for a March 25 release and featuring a gritty, hard-hitting guitar sound and a blistering vocal performance from Prouty herself, “Set Me Free,” is a single that will garner much radio airplay.

Whether it’s the day-to-day grind, the trials that life brings us or simply depression, “Set Me Free” is the anthem for anyone dealing with those troubles and others as well. Talking about wanting to be free from the pain that’s inside, this is a song that fires on all levels- lyrically, musically and emotionally.

If the full-length album is anything like the single, we’re in for a great listen from Jessica Prouty Band.

Howl Logo

The Jessica Prouty Band may be on the younger end of the spectrum but that's no reason not to take them seriously. Prouty herself is setting a fantastic example for other local females who wish to take up music. The magnificent band only adds to her power. Having a single that's sure to go all the way to the top of the local charts doesn't hurt them either. --By Melissa Campbell

And more from Howl Magazine here too.


Bill Copeland Music News


Next up was the Jessica Prouty Band performing her song “Set Me Free.” Prouty’s keyboardist, Andy Covino, and lead guitarists, Aaron Shuman and Cody Nilsen, played out wild phrases to intro the anthem-like song. Prouty then displayed her arena size  vocal over a wedge of compelling, gripping, driving music. Prouty is studying at Berklee College Of Music, and she is still young enough to get signed to a modern rock record label. The right person at the right time will surely notice her stage presence, songwriting, and that voice made for stadiums.  -- By Bill Copeland

(JPB Note: The band writes the songs together.)

A few words about their performance. Cat from the Cheap Seats had this to say the next night on her radio show:


You are listening to the Cheap Seats on Cool 102 with the Jessica Prouty Band, Set Me Free, that is actually a brand spanking new song from the JPB. Had the pleasure of seeing them perform last night at the NE Music Awards and everybody at the table was going "Wow."


They're teenagers. They are young talented individuals, and I've had the pleasure of seeing Jessica perform a few times now. And it's one thing to own the stage when you get up on stage to perform, it is another thing to own the stage,  the audience and every molecule of oxygen in a venue once you start performing, and Jessica commands that when she gets onstage. She is one of the best performers and to think that she is still in her teens is  mind-boggling to me.


So if you would like some of that, you know, heart-pumping, chest thumping music, I highly recommend that you look up the Jessica Prouty Band online. Set Me Free is also available on their website as well.

mp3 here...

The Cheap Seats on Cool 102

Cat Wilson from the Cheap Seats on Cool 102, who also received the most supportive local DJ award at the Limelight Awards, had this to say after the awards on her radio program:

I had the pleasure of finally seeing the Jessica Prouty Band live last weekend at the Limelight Music Awards, and, oh my goodness, if I was blindfolded, I would not have known  this was a band full of teenagers.


And let me tell you, they owned the room when they got on stage. I know that we've  had several other cohosts in the studio talking about how great the band is, and, of course, Brian Maes who produced them talking about how great they were, but  to see these kids live. And Jessica-- frontwoman--singing and rocking the bass. I just thought that that was absolutely amazing.

My Way CD Review

Jessica Prouty Band My Way Review





Metronome Magazine Masthead


 Time to Escape Review - Top 5 CD March 2011

"Time to Escape exhibits a considerable maturity in songwriting as well as an intuitive musical tightness between the band members that is seldom heard in bands twice their age."



Bill Copeland Music Interview

Click the pic to read the whole article!


Jessica Prouty Band's Interview at Bill Copeland Music

Seacoast Press

The Seacoast Hippo does a story on the JPB and their new CD, My Way, in their June issue! It is on page 18! Pick up a copy or click the pic below.


Jessica Prouty Band in the June 2011 Seacoast Hippo

Plus, the JPB was the winner in Fleming Entertainment's 1st Talent Tuesday!

WTOS- Maine Radio Play

WTOS consistently plays JPB songs in Maine. Currently playing Realize Me in 2011. Played Falling and Escape a lot for our Time to Escape Tour 2010! Make sure you keep telling them to play it some more! We love WTOS! Write it on their facebook page.



106.3 The Bone in Portland, Maine started playing JPB in 2011 with Falling!

 106.3 The Bone Logo Maine

Boston Commerical Radio Play: WAAF

WAAF Bay State Rock Playlist

  • Interview and live acoustic July 2011
  • The song Nothing played again December 2010,  October 2010 and on 2/21/10... etc., etc
  • Played again on WAAF on 04-26-09! Click here for the playlist.
  • Carmelita played the song "Nothing" on Sunday April 5th on WAAF's Bay State Rock!

Click here for the playlist.



  • Played Lights December 2010, etc.

Independent Radio Play

The River 92.5 played Jessica Prouty Band's She's No Cinderella on  4/23/09 and 8/13/09 and 5/24/10 at 10 p.m. as part of their Home Grown nightly feature at 10 pm!


Thanks Rita Carey!


The Noise Live Review

The Noise Boston Logo


The Sad Cafe, Plaistow, NH 10/29/10

Last up is the Jessica Prouty Band, a classic here at the Sad Café. The female-fronted quartet also has a heavy rock element to their music, much like Flyleaf and similar outfits. The most noticeable difference from these influences is the impressive guitarist and the fantastic drummer using double-bass drums throughout the set. The crowd is excited and gets caught up in the live music. The band performs an equal mix of original songs and covers, including the theme from Titanic—“My Heart Will Go On.” The Veayo Twins join in on a version of Paramore’s “Crushcrushcrush” where the sisters’ voices meld perfectly with Prouty’s. Of the band’s own material, the most notable song is “Escape,” which captures an eerie rock and piano combination. (Michael O. Linehan)


The Noise, June 2009

Hang on! The Jessica Prouty Band from Marblehead is up next. Jessica is one of only two girls in the entire contest. Why are there so few girls interested in music? Despite squeezing through the gender barrier, the Jessica Prouty Band seems really pro. They announce tour dates and already have had a song played on WBCN’s Boston Emissions. What? And these guys are only in high school. Wow. They even have their own theme music when the band does their intros.

Today’s winner? The Jessica Prouty Band advances to the finals. (Kier Byrnes)


Performer Magazine

”...she does sound great. She has the quality of a classically-trained singer in a ... rock band. All the musicians play amazingly well, with the experience of rockers a few decades older.”


 Sean Mahan, New England Performer Magazine, November 2008

First Commercial Radio Play: WBCN

  • First official radio play on WBCN. Click here for the playlist! July 20th, 2008.

  • WBCN 104.1 will bring a Boston-area band and the runners-up in the annual WBCN Battle of the High School Bands competition, Jessica Prouty Band, to perform. Click here.

Local Paper

Vermont News



Jessica Prouty, the Band, did a Public Service Announcement for the Vermont Coalition of Teen Centers at

 The Point (WNCS - 104.7 fm) radio station played it. Keep your dial turned to the Point at!

Featuring the song My Life, with Cam Pelkey, Cody Nilsen, Jessica Prouty, and Brian Maes as the voices.

To hear it, click here.


Maine News

Bangor Daily News


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